Dickinson's Room

adapted from the poetry and prose of Emily Dickinson


Adapted by Charlotte Day and Miranda McCauley

Performed by Miranda McCauley

Directed by Charlotte Day

Graphic design by Amanda Friedman

Original recordings of Beethoven's Sonata No. 12 in A-Flat Major by Javor Bračić

Schubert's String Quartet No. 3 in D-Flat Major recorded by the Melos Quartet; Wind Nonet in E-Flat Minor recorded by Alfredo Bernardini and the Blaserensemble des Ferdinandeums

"Jesus Wept" and "Kittery" recorded by the Old Sturbridge Singers for Smithsonian Folkways

Orra White Hitchcock artwork courtesy of Amherst University Library Special Collections.


Born under the train tracks in New York City, Dickinson's Room is a site-specific theatrical experiment, dedicated to the mind and art of the poet Emily Dickinson. Performed by one actress, with a text comprised of Dickinson's poetry and scrap writings, the piece borders on physical theatre and dance, suspended between the realities of the poet's solitary life and the boundless universe of her imagination. It seeks to give dramatic form to the intrinsically un-dramatic: the spaces and silences from which great thoughts, and with them great words, proceed. We invite audiences to listen, watch the shadows fall, interact with Emily herself, and perhaps have their souls touched.


Zenobia Frost, Daily Review

***** "Despite her chronic longing for the end, we are with Emily as she suddenly doubts – fears, even – the impending relief of death. She gifts us each one of her fragmentary poems, in a handmade envelope. She can finally leave her room. As I leave, down the narrow stairs, I find some deep, strange grief and genuinely, noisily sob my way out into the pub. It feels like I’ve attended a séance.

It’s no hyperbole to say that Dickinson’s Room is a rare, brilliant gem, well worth the brief trek to an unusual venue."

Tony Knight, Stage Whispers

"For roughly 60 minutes, with Miranda McCauley as a radiant and dazzling Emily Dickinson, a small privileged audience is led from room to room to room and back again. I use the word ‘privileged’ as that is what it felt like. There were only twelve of us, and the physical intimacy led to a wonderful camaraderie.  [...] You are completely engaged and touched by the vulnerability and extraordinary sensibilities of this great poet, and subsequently come away enlightened and uplifted.

One is not only in Emily Dickinson’s rooms but also inside her head – and it is wonderful."

Jamie Wright, Adelaide Theatre Guide

**** "[A]ctress Miranda McCauley [...] portrays Dickinson in a spectacularly compelling performance.

It’s a fascinating and compelling way to be exposed to an artist’s work and, while it’s definitely not for people who like their fourth wall kept intact, for those who enjoy interactive theatre it’s a wonderfully engaging experience."


February 23rd - March 4th, 6pm

The Balcony Rooms at Buckingham Arms Hotel, 1 Walkerville Terrace, Gilberton, 5081, SA