The Little Prince

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; trans. Nora Gal

A staging for adults and children, in Franco-Russian with English subtitles




Daria Dali

Yanina Hope

Irina Thompson

Yury Yakor


Vyacheslav Komarnitsky - Director/Designer

Charlotte Day - Producer/Costumes

Performed at St Paul's Lutheran Church of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY; November 11th, 2016.



"I very much wanted to stage The Little Prince in the city where, in 1943, he was created"...

... says director Vyacheslav Komarnitsky. "The face of the city has changed since then, the buildings have become taller. People wear different clothes. But on the level of emotion, feeling, memory, nothing has changed. 'Anything essential is invisible to the eyes', says the fox. When I read The Little Prince for the first time as a child, that phrase in particular stuck with me. Now I am delighted to be able to introduce other children to this story."

The story is a modern one. It tells of a lost sense of self, in a society where everyone must find their box and live within its confines. The Little Prince himself is a grownup who has not lost his child's soul. He meets the Pilot who, after losing his memory in an accident, has wound up sleeping rough in modern-day New York. Together Prince and Pilot embark on a journey around the metropolis, meeting various characters (Rose, Drunkard, King, etc.) on their way. Almost without realising, the Pilot begins to remember his own childhood, as well as learning once more how to be happy.

Our rehearsal process for The Little Prince was grounded in the practice of N.V. Demidov.