The Toupee Artist

adapted from the short story by Nikolai Leskov



Yanina Hope

Jazz Jackish

Jane Kotlyar

Nina Kova

Nastassia Maltsava

Irina Thompson

Ty Turley

Directed by

Vyacheslav Komarnitsky

Translated by

Charlotte Day





Заволохател – напустил в лицо грубость.


Nikolai Leskov’s short story “The Toupee Artist” was inspired by the author’s own childhood memories of serfdom in the province of Oryol, where his family had an estate. The serf theatre troupe of Count Sergei Kamenskii (1771-1834) was one of the most famous of its kind in the Russian Empire. The Count, however, treated his artists much like trained animals. For any failure to memorise lines or blocking, an actor could be flogged backstage by Count Kamenskii and his henchmen, such that the audience would hear.

The story is one of forbidden love between two of the Count’s serfs: hairdresser and makeup artist Arkadii Il’in, and actress Liubov. Their escape attempt and eventual capture. Arkadii’s punishment and pressing into army service. Liubov’s madness. Arkadii’s return as a free man, and sudden death at the hands of a street sweeper. The old serf theatre in ruins. Liubov’s enduring love, and her drunkenness, in order to forget.

As Liubov tells this story beside Arkadii’s grave, we see the shades of the past come to life before us.

The piece will be rehearsed in New York City, from mid-September to early November, 2017. Performances November 9th-10th.

-Vyacheslav Komarnitsky